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Welcome to this bi-weekly journal of an acclaimed artist revealing his beautifully inspiring and metaphysically insightful view of reality.
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March 28, 2024

Spirals are an archetypal shape that can be observed throughout nature.

Spirals can be found in various forms such as the DNA double helix, sunflowers, the swirling of draining water, weather patterns like hurricanes, vine tendrils, phyllotaxis (the arrangement of leaves on a plant stem), galaxies, the horns of animals, mollusk shells, the nautilus shell, snail shells, whirlpools, ferns, and algae.

Even a cross section of red cabbage or a fingerprint on your own finger reveals the presence of spirals. It is remarkable how spirals permeate diverse natural formations, whether they are inorganic or organic, lifeless, or alive, non-conscious or conscious.

The prevalence of spirals in nature, coupled with the sacred significance humans attribute to the natural world, has led to their incorporation in religious and sacred architecture.

The utilization of spirals in sacred architecture not only showcases their aesthetic appeal but also reflects the deep spiritual connections humans have with the natural world. The spiral motif serves as a powerful reminder of the interplay between nature, divinity, and human existence.

Spirals are not only prevalent in religious architecture, art, and design, but they also hold a special aesthetic appeal for humans due to their inherent connection with nature. It is intriguing to ponder why nature consistently manifests this shape in various forms, such as flowers and galaxies. Surely, this cannot be mere random chance. Is there a scientific explanation for this profound association, or does it remain an enigma yet to be unraveled?

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