The Art of Bennecelli
James (Jim) Bennett

James Bennett has worked as an artist and teacher for five decades. Since his retirement in 2015 from full-time teaching, he has devoted himself to writing and serious fine arts (two of his passions).

Artist’s Statement

At first glance, my pictures evoke thoughts of ancient, weathered manuscripts of some mysterious origin, but, upon closer inspection, an array of hidden images and archetypal symbols is revealed. Perhaps there is an element of surprise when the viewer discovers these “secret” details. Thus, my pictures are similar to a child’s puzzle where the object is to find the hidden images.

In a sense, I’m inviting the viewer to see beyond her first impression of outer appearances and to look deeply within to find the hidden elements. At that level, I hope we will step in unison into a realm of our imagination where we might perceive and appreciate our shared consciousness.


Corcoran School of Art, Washington, DC, 1967. Studied with Washington Color School painters: Thomas Downing, Gene Davis, and James Twitty.

BFA, Virginia Commonwealth University, 1970

MFA, the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, 1972

Exhibitions & Awards

Numerous Juried Shows in Washington, DC, Virginia and North Carolina, 1967 – 1974

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, Virginia

                “Virginia Artists 1969” – Certificate of Distinction

                “American Painting 1970” – Selected by Peter Selz

                Solo Show, 1970

“Virginia Artists 1971”

Undergraduate Fellowship, 1969-70

Graduate Fellowship, 1970-71

University Of North Carolina at Greensboro

                Graduate Assistantships, 1970-1972

Southwest Ohio Art Education Educator of the Year, 2003


1975 – 2015 taught at several private schools in Virginia, Ohio, and New York. Explored a variety of styles and techniques including calligraphy, illustration, murals, and portraiture, but did not exhibit during that time.


Authored Calligraphy For Dummies, 2007, as well as other books on art and four novels including The Poughkeepsie Mystery, 2016,

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