Dream Art
An Artistic Journey into the Realm of Dreams and the Subconscious Mind

The eighty monotypes produced in this series are based upon images from the artist's dream journals and his experiments with the subconscious.

Bennett's artwork portrays the timelessness (even ties to antiquity) that permeates much of dream imagery. His pictures also illustrate the fragmented quality of dreams as well as the difficulty remembering dreams in their entirety and how easily they slip from our memory. His images have the appearance of tattered archaic documents that are fragmented, weathered, and torn.
A Selection of Seven of the Images

Dream Art
"Dream Window#

Dream Art
"Cat Magic#

Dream Art
"Dark Shadows of the Mind#

Dream Art

Dream Art
"Torn Fabric of Consciousness#

Dream Art
"Silent Scream#

"King & Queen#

Art Book
Purchase this beautiful book that contains full-color reproductions of all 80 monotypess together with A 4,500-word, epic poem composed by the artist to accompany his illustrations.



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