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Welcome to this bi-weekly journal of an acclaimed artist revealing his beautifully inspiring and metaphysically insightful view of reality.
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ESP, Fortune Telling, and Reincarnation
(May 18, 2024)

If you were to inquire about my beliefs regarding the authenticity of ESP, fortune telling, or reincarnation, I would find it challenging to provide a simple, straightforward response.

Allow me to explain.

I recognize numerous instances where individuals seem to possess knowledge beyond the limitations of their five senses. This heightened awareness often pertains to a friend or relative who resides at a considerable distance from the person experiencing this phenomenon.

I have on occasion experienced this ability myself.

Like ESP, I also concede that there are occurrences where individuals quite accurately predict future events.

I am also acquainted with situations where individuals exhibit distinct characteristics, interests, and aversions that cannot be explained by any known factors, except for the possibility that they
are the reincarnation of someone who existed in a previous era.

Although I acknowledge the existence of these phenomena, my explanation deviates somewhat from the conventional reasoning that these phenomena are simply products of the imagination or certain people have supernormal abilities.

My underlying premise behind these occurrences remains consistent – that the entirety of humanity, encompassing the past, present, and future, manifests itself as a single, interconnected entity. If we are all interconnected, it becomes plausible for all of us to establish conscious connections with others who exist in distant times or places.

Regrettably, I cannot provide a comprehensive explanation as to how this transpires; I can only acknowledge its existence.

I am not even close to being the first to advance this belief; it has been described by mystics over the ages.

While I may not be able to delve into the intricate details of this union of all humanity, it is valuable to recognize its presence and impact.

The enigmatic nature of its workings only adds to the intrigue surrounding it. Although we may not fully comprehend its mechanisms, we must not dismiss its significance. Instead, let us embrace the mystery and explore the possibilities that lie within. By acknowledging its existence, we open ourselves up to a world of curiosity and wonder, ready to uncover the secrets of the ages that await us.


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