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"In today's complex world it can be extremely difficult to find true beauty,
order, and understanding. To help fill this void, I am creating beautiful,
original, abstract art.

"I am moved by stirring visions from dreams and the subconscious
that link us all together mystically through the inner world of our
collective unconscious.

"My paintings are created spontaneously and intuitively
using no preliminary sketches or plans. They are all composed using just four lines - red, blue, green, and white!

"My aim is to engage viewers (even those who don't usually care
for abstract art) in an enlightening experience where my paintings
mirror their own inner beauty."

Copyright, James Bennett, 2022. All Rights Reserved.

Site Content: Beautiful abstract paintings by a master artist that depict  glimpses of the infinite network of archetypal "Luminous Streams" which unites us as one.
Beautifully awe-inspiring, self-discovery "Life Paths" abstract paintings envisioning our greater reality beyond the sensory world.